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The Power of Nursing:

Embracing The Healer’s Art

Course Overview

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The Power of Nursing course enables the formation of a genuine community of inquiry that encourages an in-depth sharing of experience, beliefs, aspirations and personal truths. Participants and course directors meet on an equal footing and interact in a setting that supports honest reflection and personal discussion on foundational perspectives and values in Nursing.

The content of this course focuses on the hidden curriculum in nursing education and practice as identified by the nursing leaders who served on the Curriculum Advisory Committee involved in the design of each session. The goal of The Power of Nursing is to shed light on these areas enabling participants to more clearly define their current experience and the motivating forces that brought them to nursing. The syllabus also offers an opportunity to reflect on the personal values, hopes and dreams that consciously or unconsciously set the stage for their educational and clinical experiences.

The Power of Nursing course utilizes principles of adult education, contemplative studies, humanistic and transpersonal psychology, cognitive psychology, formation education, creative arts and storytelling to present and explore human dimensions of nursing. Topics covered include deep listening, presence, acceptance, loss, grief, healing, courage, lineage and self-care practices. The curriculum enables participants to uncover and strengthen the altruistic values, sense of calling, and intention to serve that have led them to nursing, creating a firm foundation for meeting the challenging demands of contemporary nurses training and nursing practice. The teaching methodology is based on the RISHI Discovery Model Pedagogy utilized in The Healer’s Art course, now taught in over 90 medical schools nationwide and abroad. This innovative educational strategy creates a safe environment where participants meet as equals to explore the inner meaning of their work and their shared professional values.

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FOR MORE INFORMATION: contact Mary Pat Thomas, MS, RN, AHN-BC, CHTP, Director of the Power of Nursing: • (937) 245-7450 x 3