What Faculty Says


“I learned that medical students have a strong, natural commitment
.to bringing their humanity into medicine. We need to protect this and
.make sure these seeds are allowed to grow.”
.— Faculty, Stanford University School of Medicine

“Teaching The Healer’s Art has helped me see medical students very
.differently. I am a better teacher, a better doctor and a far better
.human being.”
.— Faculty, University of New Mexico School of Medicine

“Teaching The Healer’s Art reminded me that I still love medicine.”
.— Faculty, Oregon Health & Science University

“I learned that there is joy in medicine. Who knew?”
.— Faculty, Jefferson Medical College

“My experiences in the ISHI curriculum made it possible for me to
.once again feel passionate about my work.”
.— Faculty, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University

“I taught medical students for years and had no idea who they were
.as people before. The Healer’s Art has made me proud to be a member
.of this profession and a teacher.”
.— Faculty, University of California San Francisco School of Medicine

“This is simply the most meaningful thing that I have done as a
.medical educator.”
.— Faculty, Harvard Medical School

“I thought that first year students were hopelessly idealistic. I now
.realize that year after year they remind us of the truth of this work.
.I had grown cynical and I had not noticed.”
.— Faculty, Dartmouth Medical School

“The Healer’s Art created a unique and nourishing environment to
.discuss and experience many of the ideas and principles that I
.have considered for years to be at the heart of medical practice.”
.— Faculty, Yale University School of Medicine

“It is odd that I had never paid attention to the lineage of medicine
.before; that I never noticed that the healers of the past were there,
.had always been there, stretching out farther than the mind can
.conceive. They were there all the time; patient and caring.
.And they are within me. I shall never need to feel alone again.”
.— Faculty, Ben Gurion University School of Medicine, Israel