What Participants Say


“I learned that this work is who I am not what I do.”
.— Internist

“I found the courage to love my patients.”
.— Surgeon

“More then gaining insight, I received healing during this
.workshop and feel whole again.”
.— Chaplain

“Science is not the meaning of the work. Science is only
.one of the tools. Service is the work. So obvious. So important.”
.— Neurologist

“For the first time I heard and understood the pain that many
.doctors are in. I will never see them in the same way again.”
.— Nurse

“This time of being with physicians who were opening their hearts,
.was privileged beyond words.”
.— Nurse Practitioner

“I have never been so moved — uplifted and affirmed personally
.or professionally before.”
.— Nurse

“I learned that service unites the healing professions in ways
.I had never fully understood or experienced before. We are
.family to one another.”
.— Psychologist

“For the first time I felt welcomed in my profession and that
.I truly belonged in it”
.— Physician

“I have found my calling. I am not alone.”
.— Nurse

“I am enough.”
.— Physician

“Listening generously has helped me discover a deep awareness
.of the beauty in each person, a compassion for their pain.”
.— Social worker

“Perhaps I am not changed so much as enhanced”
.— Chaplain

“I am better at seeing the deep goodness in even the “difficult”
.patients, and feel a clarity of purpose, and a greater understanding
.of my limits and my patient’s strengths”
.— Internist

“I was relieved of enormous sadness, anger, guilt and fatigue
.during the retreat. Thank you.”
..— Radiologist

“The workshop has changed the way I practice medicine. I realize
.I have become the physician I always wanted to be. Thank you
.for bringing me home to myself.”
.— Internist

“I realized I can bring my soul to work.”
.— Surgeon

“I learned to be true to myself as a man and as a doctor.”
.— Family Medicine Physician

“I have learned to trust my intuition, and my heart, and to see
.awe in small things.”
.— Family Medicine Physician