What Participants Say


“FMM has saved my life, both personally and professionally.”
.— Ob/Gyn

“My FMM group is the first time I have felt safe in the company
.of other doctors.”
.— Internist

“I discovered in the FMM meetings that I am bound to other
.doctors by bonds of the heart and not just the intellect.”
.— Physician

“I have felt many things about medicine but because of FMM
.I feel simply grateful for the chance to do this work. I have
.never felt this before.”
.— Cardiologist

“I was reassured and inspired to discover so many wonderful,
.open-hearted people in our profession.”
.— General Internist

“The sessions offer a safe place to dialogue, to help me identify
.those aspects of medicine that are truly enjoyable and fulfilling
.rather than getting stuck in the negativity which seems to be
.so common.”
.— Pediatrician

“In our FMM group we have the opportunity to share our pain,
.our fear, our doubts… in safety, with others who speak a
.common language and have similar experiences.”
.— Orthopedic Surgeon

“FMM has made us a true resource for each other, both
.personally and professionally.”
.— Surgeon

“In my FMM group I discovered that I matter, not only as a doctor
.but as a human being.”
.— Surgeon

“In these FMM meetings I discovered my own deep connection
.to being a physician.”
.— Internist

“My FMM group nurtures me and encourages me to grow in ways
.that were never really addressed in my training. I feel safe in
.these groups and free to speak my truth, unafraid of judgment
.or misunderstanding.”
.— Family Medicine Physician

“These meetings, these relationships give me the confidence to
.share more openly with my patients … to empathize more deeply
.with them and receive their friendship as well. I feel less alone.”
.— Ob/Gyn