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More and more, physicians and other health professionals are looking for ways to connect with one another and find their place of truth in the changing arena of medicine. To meet this need, RISHI has been helping clinicians initiate Finding Meaning groups — Finding Meaning in Medicine for Physicians, Finding Meaning in Nursing for Nurses, and Finding Meaning in Service for other Healthcare Professionals — throughout the country and around the world.

These ongoing, no-cost monthly meetings are a place where colleagues enter into meaningful dialogue on a chosen topic related to the fundamental experience of doctoring, nursing and healthcare — topics such as grief, grace, healing, courage, mystery, intimacy, service and other similar subjects. Each person contributes a story on the topic drawn from their own healthcare practice — or reads a poem or a piece from world literature on the meeting topic.

These discussions are circles of exploration, discovery and sharing. Uncovering meaning is antecedent to finding deeper satisfaction in service work. Over time, the dialogue within a supportive community of colleagues can have the positive effect of deepening each person’s heart connection to their day-to-day work and to their patients, as well as to their connection to the lineage of medicine and healing. Read what members have to say about their experience in their FMM groups:

.FMM has taught me that I am whole and strong
..and able to be of service to my patients and
..colleagues and my family and friends in ways
..that I never realized before.”

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