RISHI Programs

Since 1991, The Remen Institute for the Study of Health & Illness (RISHI) has provided education and support for health professionals who aspire to bring their hearts into their work and are dedicated to practicing a medicine of service, human connection and compassionate healing. The programs we have patiently grown from seed now reach deep into the lives of thousands of physicians, medical educators, medical students, nurses and others in the healing professions — helping them to hold to their values, their humanity, and their excellence, and to renew their commitment to themselves, to their patients and to medicine. To learn more about our programs, click on links below:

  • .May you find in me
    ..the mother of the world
  • .May my hands be a mother’s hands, heart be a mother’s heart
  • .May my response to your suffering a mother’s response to your suffering
  • .May I sit with you in the dark a mother sits in the dark
  • .May you know
    ..through our relationship
  • .That there is something in this world
    ..that can be trusted.”
    — Medical Student’s Oath