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We’ve created this page for you so that course information and materials you might need are always easily accessible. But we are also always available to help you, so if you have questions or can’t find what you need, please call Evangeline Andarsio, M.D., at (937) 245-7450 x 2, or email


Course evaluations are needed from all schools that offer The Healer’s Art Course. It is very important for research and tracking reasons that we continue to obtain hard copies of all paper evaluations from the schools. We will provide the service of summarizing the evaluations for you if your administrative staff is unable to generate a summary report. Also, evaluations are key to keeping track of which of our newly trained schools have implemented/maintained the course at their school, and we can offer support to any challenges you may have as a new course director. Our goal in facilitating evaluation reporting in years past has always been to support the implementation and excellence of The Healer’s Art at each of our schools. Once we receive the evaluations, we will be in touch with you to review your evaluations and discuss any questions or concerns you might have in regard to your Healer’s Art Course.

These evaluations are extremely important to us so we ask that you have your students fill out this evaluation on the last day of class. Also, we ask that each of your faculty members fill out the Faculty Evaluation below. In the past we attempted the use of a digital survey however, the response rate was so low that we needed to go back to hard copy paper evaluations, which have a much higher response rate.

If you opt to compile your own yearly summaries, we ask you to send us a copy once completed. Please send your final evaluation summary report to Evangeline Andarsio, M.D., at

Coaching Calls

Course Directors often find it useful to listen to the coaching call for each session. Just click the buttons below to listen.

  • The Healer’s Art Coaching Calls Session 1
    Discovering and Nurturing Our Wholeness
    Listen above, or download here
  • The Healer’s Art Coaching Calls Session 2 & 3
    Sharing Grief and Honoring Loss
    Listen above, or download here
  • The Healer’s Art Coaching Calls Session 4
    Beyond Analysis: Allowing Awe in Medicine
    Listen above, or download here
  • The Healer’s Art Coaching Calls Session 5
    Care of the Soul: Service as a Way of Life
    Listen above, or download here
  • The Healer’s Art Coaching Calls: Small Group Process
    Listen above, or download here
The Healer’s Art Pins

We have a new online form for ordering for The Healer’s Art lapel pins using a credit card. Using it will ensure that we receive your order with complete shipping and billing information needed. You will receive a confirmation receipt.

Your pins will be shipped within three business days of receiving your order; please allow 7-10 business days for your order to be delivered. Rush shipping is also available at an additional charge. We offer these pins at our cost of $3.75 per pin, plus $7 for domestic shipping (USPS Priority Mail — most orders under 60 pins) or $50 for international shipping (depending on region).

After The Healer’s Art Course ends…

When your course is over, do your students ask you how they can continue to meet and explore the heart of their work? RISHI’s new resource guide for medical students helps HART students (and other medical students) form ongoing self-led discovery model discussion groups based on the extensively tested FMM model and adapted especially for them. Click the following link to download the guide:

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
Implementation Aids (PDF)
  • Timeline and Checklist for Course Preparation
  • Recruiting Faculty
  • Materials Checklist for Each Session
  • The Healer’s Art Flyer Sample
  • Sample Syllabus for Students
Bar Chart of Healer’s Art Schools—2015-16 (PDF)
Student Advisors (PDF)
  • Recruiting Student Advisors — Sample Letter to M1 Students
  • Recruiting Student Advisors — Sample Letter to M2 Students
  • Student Advisors — Tasks and Process
  • Suggested Reading List
Session Materials for Small Group Facilitators
Three Question Journal (PDF)

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Healer’s Art Newsflash

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